Learn more about your recipients and their activies! Who? Where? How? How long?

The ultimate analytics tool designed for email marketing

Imagine you are able to track activities of your recipients about your email such as email opens, open durations in seconds, geo-locations, email clients being used, whether the email is printed or forwarded to a friend. This data will add a great power to your future email marketing activities.

For example, based on geo-location detections, you will be able to run a more-targeted email campaign to recipients who have opened from New York City area.

Or, based on email client data, you will be able to send another email campaign optimized for iPhone users.

Another great example is targeted campaigns based on email open durations. You can send another targeted campaign to contacts who have kept your email open for more than 5 seconds.

PreviewMyEmail's Email Analytics feature offers endless possibilities for your email marketing campaigns.

Live feed

Once your email campaign is sent including the special tracking code provided by PreviewMyEmail, sit back and enjoy the real-time data displaying on your screen. You will see email open locations on a world map in real time. In the meantime, you will see popular email clients being used. You will be able to see which email address has opened and how long. All this data is provided in real-time.

Data provided