Get real screenshots of your email on all popular email applications in a minute. We know the importance of email marketing but more importantly, we know the importance of doing email marketing in the right way. An email content properly designed may cause your email marketing campaign to fail.

We take real screen-shots

Once you pass your email content to our system, we will take real screen shots of it on all popular email clients and delivery back to you within approximately a minute.

Desktop and Mobile Email Applications

Our system takes screen shots on popular desktop, mobile and web based email applications. These taken screen shots are stored on our data center for several years, therefore you don't have risk to lose your test results.

Four Ways to Test Your Email Designs

You can pass your email content to our system in four ways:

  • Copy & Paste Simply copy and paste your email content in your account and press submit button.
  • Upload file Locate the HTML file on your computer and pass it to the system with a single click.
  • Send email to special inbox Forward or send your email content to the special address dedicated to your account.
  • Integrate with API Once you activate the white-label API, you can submit tests through API access.

List of Supported Email Applications