Get the thumbnail sized screen shot of your email in seconds. Completely free and doesn't require you to sign-up!

Whether you are an ESP owner or not, you can connect to our public API to get thumbnail sized screen shot of your email contents. This feature will let you to show a small thumbnail of emails to your customers. Completely free and includes white-label API access.

How it works?

You can use this service in two ways. By either using the form below or using the white-label API. There's no need to sign-up.

For ESPs and email marketing software companies, we recommend using the white-label API. It's easy to integrate into any kind of application.

White-label API access

To submit an email thumbnail screen shot, please refer to the following API call:
NewThumbnail API Command

To get the screen shot URL of your email, please refer to the following API call:
GetThumbnail API Command

Example API libraries

Below, you can find example codes written in different programming languages. If you have written your own library on a different language, please share by contacting with us.

See it in action!

Want to see this feature in action before implementing into your own application? Simply submit the following form and get the thumbnail size screen shot of your email.

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