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This API command will return the list of email open, print and forward activities in real-time.


Request Parameters

  • apikey
    Provide the API key. This key can be found in your account settings page.
  • tag
    Provide the name of the tracking code tag to get results for
  • get [after | before]
    what to retrieve. Feed data “after” or “before” the timestamp
  • timestamp (optional)
    If you wish to retrieve the feed after a certain date/time, pass this info. It should be in unix timestamp format
  • limit (optional)
    If you wish to retrieve limited records, pass the number of records you wish to get back

Response Example

["1e2f97dae07df43adf80dc9d9633b0a0","Open","",1307433779,"2011-06-07 11:02:59","16","","","","0","0"],
["357f3915a975014430f0f4cbf4148736","Forward","",1307433772,"2011-06-07 11:02:52","0","","","","0","0"],
["b9e3cc3189ce8270fd1f123c06c49d4d","Open","",1307374779,"2011-06-06 18:39:39","0","undefined","undefined","","0","0"],
["a915467b36a7bed75a8ac141e86cee95","Open","",1307374778,"2011-06-06 18:39:38","0","undefined","undefined","","0","0"]

Posted by Max Ilin on June 14, 2011 .

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